Our Features

Uniquely customized for you

Uniquely customized for you

These modules are personalized basis your date of birth to ensure that you can get maximum benefit out of it.

Simple 2-3 minute videos

In order to ensure that these modules are easy to follow and does not interfere much with your day to day activities, each video is designed to not exceed 2 to 3 minutes duration.

Simple 2-3 minute videos
Daily Videos

21-day Daily Videos

Each module consists of 21 videos to be practiced over 21 days time. Post subscription into any module, you would receive one video per day which would consist of your exercise to be followed for that day. These video would be sent to you through sms/email.

The 3 Modules

  • 1
    Memory, Focus & Concentration

    The exercises in this module are targeted to help you in harnessing your energy and channelling your inner strength to improve your memory, focus and concentration.

  • 2
    YogNidra & Chakra Initiation

    A good deep sleep leads to an increased productivity as your body is more relaxed and rejuvenated to take on your daily tasks. Hence, the purpose of this module is to help you improve your sleep pattern and help you increase your productivity & efficiency.

  • 3
    Luck & Positive Vibrations

    If you have a more “positive” outlook in a tough situation, then the probability that you achieve success is more probable. The exercises in this module will help you to harness the positive energies around you and hence turn your luck in the upward direction.


  • First 3 days are Free for any module.
    You may also earn subscription days for FREE*

    Refer your friends and earn additional subscription days. Every new friend (who is not already a member with us) you refer to and who registers with us, would give you one additional subscription day for your current module.

    *Note: This is not applicable for Premium Modules.
  • Else, If you wish to subscribe, the charges are,

    Nominal Subscription fee: INR 500/- per module for 21 days. If you wish to re-watch any of the videos, you may renew your subscription of that module for a nominal fee of INR 100/-

  • As a token of appreciation who subscribes, you will also get:

    3 FREE additional days subscription post 21 days to either- re-watch any of the videos OR subscribe to any other module

  • For Premium Modules

    This is an advanced level module and hence, would be unlocked for those who complete all three modules. The subscription fee for this module remain as INR 500/-.