• A research on Ancient Wisdom of India

    Clicked @ 3 different locations of India separated by more than 1000 kilometres, this images are living proof that "Tapa" and meditation was known since atleast 5500 years ago. The first image is a seal found from Harappa civilisation which is around 5500 years old and it shows a "sitting yogic posture" figure. The other 2 images also has a "sitting yogic posture" and they are around 1600 & 600 years old respectively. The same visualisation/representation has been gradually improved over time keeping the same theme. If you check the background of the seal and background of the stone sculptures, all are filled with extra art work which seems to be more detailed as time progressed.

    "Upaay" is an outcome of such extensive research done on India's ancient rich literature to unearth the secrets of the mind.

How it was conceptualized?

  • Upaay was conceptualized after exploring - lost in time - historical and archaeological places throughout India which were more than 3200 years old. Through the travel & research of more than 29 ancient cities of India, I was able to interact with archaeologists, artists, historians, meditation experts & sages. I also got the opportunity to go through the real ancient texts & literature of India which had the immense amount of knowledge stored in form of various shlokas. After 12 years of decoding such information & trying to make it simple for a common man, I created 5 modules which uses this knowledge and can help anyone to increase various faculties of the human mind like memory, focus, concentration, productivity & also increase the positive vibrations.

    Some of my journey & research pics

A little about myself

  • Hi! I am Vikas. I am an Engineer and a Post Graduate in Management Studies by profession but I am an explorer by passion. Having lived major part of my formative years in South America and away from India, I developed a keen inclination towards our heritage and history. This prompted me to get deep into our roots and I extensively travelled to the remotest areas of India and got the opportunity to meet and interact with multiple archaeologists, artists, historians, meditation experts & sages. Read more about my journey and history research here