About Us

  • उपाय (www.upaay.in) is a subscription based online meditation video streaming modules owned by “Indian Art Box”, a proprietorship firm of Vikas Mittal. उपाय currently offers the following 21-days meditation video modules :

    a) Memory, focus & concentration
    b) Yognidra & Chakra Initiation
    c) Luck & positive vibrations

    In addition, it also offers 2 premium modules of 11-day each which gets unlocked after completing all the above three.

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Ancient Meditation made simple!

  • उपाय is an outcome of 12 years of extensive research by travelling 29 ancient cities of India (which are more than 900 years old) by Vikas Mittal. During his travels, he interacted with archaeologists, historians, mediation experts & sages. Through them he was able to gather the immense amount of knowledge stored in ancient Indian texts in the form of various “Shlokas”. After 12 years of decoding such information & trying to make it simple for a common man, he created the various modules as described above.

    Some of my journey & research pics

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